About us

Our company is the official representative of TICA Company in Uzbekistan. Direct cooperation with the Chinese giant, the main activity of which is the production of industrial climate control equipment allows us to offer you specialized equipment at manufacturer’s price.

There are many equipment of HVAC systems in our catalogue:

  • channel indoor units;
  • cassette units;
  • floor indoor units;
  • wall air conditioners;
  • standard channel air conditioners;
  • thin channel modules;
  • energy saving channel air conditioners;
  • outdoor units for VRV systems;
  • input ventilation units;
  • input-exhaust ventilation system;
  • channel fancoils;
  • cassette fancoils;
  • floor and ceiling fancoils;
  • chillers with air and water condenser cooling.

TICA Company is an aknowledged leader in the field of climate control equipment. In 2001 they developed a chiller with water cooling, and the next year – screw chiller with air cooling. In 2013 TICA Company produced TIMS – series of units of split air conditioning systems.

The Company currently has 8 factories, 5 production shops, so we easily maintain leadership in the field of industrial microclimate.

TICA Company had the honour to install climate control equipment at such significant sites as “Swallow’s nest” (Beijing), car plant Toyota, Hon Kong subway, government office (Beijing), the Chinese planes С919.

TICA Company is the member of the Chinese Association of Cold Industry. Product, manufactured by our company has ISO and CE certificates.

The models of chillers, fancoils, VRF systems and ventilation units, which have earned many positive reviews, are constantly improved, thus providing comfortable microclimate in industrial, trade and administrative buildings.

If you want to buy chillers and fancoils, input ventilation units and VRF systems at low price in Tashkent, call us +998 (71) 207 55 56