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China Company TICA is a recognized leader in the field of industrial conditioning and ventilating systems. It was founded in 1991. Brand combines 8 large factories, 5 production shops and 70 branch offices in different corners of the world.

We are official representative of TICA Company in Uzbekistan. In our company you can buy chillers at competitive price.          

TICA is an award winning corporation. Accreditation NMII, 3 stars in “green building” corporation are achievements to be proud of. Our own scientific-research laboratory and academic site aimed at employees training allows continuous improvement and offer advanced climate control equipment of industrial type.

TICA Company is specialized in the production of:

  • VRV (VRF) systems;
  • chillers;
  • fancoils (channel, cassette, floor and ceiling, wall, column);
  • cryogen cooling systems;
  • air cleaners.

Industrial and semi-industrial equipment are installed in offices, trade centers, multistorey business centers, exhibition halls, medical clinics and laboratories, airports and subway. Air conditioners of TICA Company are installed in operating rooms, microelectronics and medicines manufacturing plant, car painting shops and even launch pad of Jiuquan Cosmodrome.

Do you want to buy chillers or fancoils TICA in Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, Navoi or other city of Uzbekistan? Call us: (71) 207 55 56. Our managers will answer all your questions and help to select a suitable equipment.